Facial Identification

Facial Comparison & Identification

As leading experts in the field of facial imagery comparison, SRi Forensics provides a bespoke identification service in cases of serious and volume crime.

We are an independent agency working within the Criminal Justice system. We are instructed by either the Prosecution OR the Defence. On many occasions, we act as Joint Expert Witnesses, effectively instructed by both sides. The outcome of cases is not determined by ourselves (that is the Jury's prerogative), only examining the evidence presented before us.

Facial image comparison or "Facial Mapping" as it is commonly known, is a technique which assesses information in the form of video/CCTV or photographic imagery and compares images of 'offenders' with suspects.

Our methods are used as a means of providing expert evidence to support or refute the possible identity of an individual.

Our expertise in the field of facial image comparison has enabled us to take advantage of the growth in video surveillance material needing to be professionally prepared and analysed for identification purposes. We have matched this with the growth in the need to present this evidence to court.

With over 25 years experience, we are on the National Crime Agency's (NCA) list of trusted providers to the Police and other government agencies.

As we are fully independent and neutral, we are listed on the registers of Expert Witness and National Expert Witness Agency (NEWA) for the defence.

Past Facial Comparison cases include:

Organised gangland Activity - Many defence and prosecution cases including a notorious Manchester centred case involving kidnapping, and featured in the 2021 BBC documentary, "The Detectives: Fighting Organised Crime"

R-v-Williams - The postcode gang murder of schoolboy, Babacar Diagne featured in the 2021 BBC documentary, "Forensics: The Real CSI".

R-v-Carl Madigan - The murder in Liverpool of Sam Cook as he celebrated his 23rd Birthday.

Margaret Hassan - Care UK director Brutally murdered in Iraq by Al Qaeda

Pablo Ibar - Removed from Death Row, assisted by key evidence from SRi Forensics - Documentary Film (Espanol).
Pablo Ibar - Death sentence commuted to life on Appeal - Documentary Film (Espanol).
Pablo's 25 year story is now a 4 part drama series - On Death Row: The Pablo Ibar Story

R-v-Sean Mercer - The murder that shocked a nation. 11 year old schoolboy Rhys Jones while walking across a pub car park on his way home from football practice, was killed by a single stray shot fired by a notorious Liverpool gang member.

The following documents will help us to ascertain the best course of action in regards to the incident in question and allow us to evaluate all available imagery in line with your case requirements.

  • Letter of instruction or other authorisation to proceed.
  • A copy of the opposing experts report if available.
  • Your client’s version of events or defence statement.
  • Police statements or Sequence of events.
  • Witness statements.
  • Copies of all relevant CCTV footage in their proprietary format plus a summary working copy if available.
  • All relevant reference imagery of the accused.

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