Evidential Presentations

Evidential Presentation

We aim to make complex or difficult to understand information simpler by communicating with graphical imagery.

Services offered include:

  • Major incident graphical guides
  • Event mapping
  • Immersive crime scene reconstruction
  • Medico-legal / Injury photo depiction
  • Forensic Photography
  • Expert witness reports illustrated

Our Interactive Trial Presentations (ITP™) are simple-to-use, bespoke packages which encapsulate the various strands of evidence into a single interactive digital presentation to create an effective case that captures and holds the juror's attention. It has been conclusively demonstrated that information is retained to a far greater extent when presented using multimedia than voice alone.

Following the Government’s spending review, the cost of investigations and prosecutions are under intense scrutiny. The growing importance of digital presentation of evidence in court is now recognised by authorities such as the CPS and the SFO, in fact under the CPS National Framework, SRi Forensics Ltd. is one of a small number of recognised providers for these services to these authorities.

Utilising Sri Forensics’ Electronic Evidence Presentation systems has been demonstrated to significantly reduce costs for the Police, CPS and the Courts.

As one of the earliest adopters of digital technology, our experience has been gained through years of working closely with the Criminal Justice System on some of the largest and most high profile cases in the UK.

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