Rhys Jones Murder Investigation

The Rhys Jones Murder Investigation

  • Name of case - The Rhys Jones Murder Investigation
  • Force - Merseyside Police
  • Challenge - Merseyside police wanted to show graphically the events leading to the senseless killing of an innocent young boy by a known gang member in Liverpool UK. Given the high profile, this case had to be done as sensitively yet accurately as possible. The police approached SRi, a company they knew had the expertise and experience to assist.
  • Solution deployed - We created a series of animated maps showing the movements of the protagonists, targets and the ultimate innocent victim of the shooting. We also created sanitised and animated 3D models showing the injuries sustained by Rhys.
  • Case outcome - Despite strenuous efforts to cover his part in the crime, the powerful impact of the material, shown around the court on multiple screens, assisted the jury's understanding of the case and led to the conviction of Sean Mercer for the murder of Rhys Jones.
  • The SRi team were given a glowing citation by the SIO in the case.
    Detective Chief Superintendent Brian McNeill of Merseyside police described the SRi Forensics contribution as "outstanding" and stated that...
  • "SRi Forensics provided an innovative method in presenting the evidence in court that was professionally delivered and attracted positive comment from the prosecution team"

    The Det. Chief Spt. went on to formally record in a letter, his "thanks and appreciation to SRi Forensics for their invaluable assistance to Merseyside Police"

    Details of the case can be found online here

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