SRi Forensics provides a range of services designed to support criminal and civil litigation, including:

Evidential Presentation

Electronic Presentation and Preparation of Evidence (E.P.E.) is fast becoming an important toll in Uk criminal and civil cases. A proven method to increase a juror’s retention of evidential information by using info-graphics to explain complex evidence. Furthermore the use of electronic presentations also enables trials to run more smoothly, allowing cases to be heard quicker and therefore making considerable savings in court time and costs.

 All of our staff and consultants who have great experience of the judicial process both in the UK and Abroad.

Imagery Analysis and Technical forensic services

Facial Comparison and Identification (Facial Mapping)

 All of our reports are provided by recognised Expert witnesses

Document Management 

Installation of state of the art courtroom audio visual technolgy 

Injury Depiction and Sanitisation

Expert Knowledge

We provide a professional service whilst delivering novel approaches to displaying evidence, using the latest technology to produce simply but innovative solutions to complicated cases, hence our motto;