Founded as a Private limited company in 2004, SRi Forensics is an independent e-forensics and image analysis company located in a secure facility close to the legal district of Manchester. We provide a number of vital services to the Criminal Justice system, both for the Prosecution and the Defence.

Police forces have long recognised the power of CCTV as a crime-fighting tool and have increased their investment in this technology; consequently, the UK boasts the highest concentration of CCTV cameras in the world. SRi Forensics fulfils the requirement to analyse and provide a credible opinion on the evidential usefulness of CCTV material for use in Facial Comparison (Facial Mapping) and Video enhancement and analysis cases.

The growing importance of digital presentation of evidence in court is now acknowledged as an important time and cost saver by authorities such as the CPS and the SFO. Under the CPS National Framework, SRi Forensics is a recognised provider of services to these authorities.

As one of the earliest adopters of digital technology, our experience has been gained through years of working closely with the Criminal Justice System on some of the largest and most high profile cases in the UK.

We offer a full Electronic Presentation of Evidence (EPE) service including; Courtroom Installations, Audio enhancement & analysis, Mobile Telephony & call analysis.

All of our Forensic Solutions are supported by recognised expert witnesses with many years experience of presenting their work in court.


SRi Forensics aims to provide a professional, cost effective and overall, independent service to all areas of the Justice System.

We aspire to be the first name that authorities turn to when faced with the most challenging e-forensics requirements.