Operation Baguette Terrorism Trial

Operation Baguette - Major Counter Terrorism Trial

  • Name of case - Operation Baguette
  • Force - Greater Manchester Police
  • Challenge - With evidence gathered from across the globe, over a number of years, SRi Forensics had to devise a novel timeline spanning years which could be seen at a glance. The part played by SRi Forensics was integral to the succesful prosecution of a number of individuals in this counter terrorism case.
  • Utilising state of the art electronic evidence presentation technology, we were able to concisely document the complex connections of  the leader in a terrorist cell, as he radicalised other individuals over a number of years.
  • Abdul Rahman came to the UK in September 2004 on a four-year student visa to study at Dundee University. However, he quit the course after one day, move south to Cheetham Hill, Manchester, where he began working in a mobile phone shop, saying later that he was “unable to settle in this culture”.
  • Ms Parmjit Cheema, for the prosecution, outlined how Rahman had previously began a pharmacy course at a university near the Afghan-Pakistan border in 2000, but left within a year due to “psychological problems”.
  • Ms Cheema told the judge that Rahman, was a "key player" in a terrorist cell. "This defendant was involved in scouting, recruiting and encouraging others to join their philosophy of extreme jihad, or holy war.
  • SRi were able to demonstrate graphically using their EPE, how Rahman had recruited, radicalised and trained people in extreme winter weather survival and hand to hand combat in locations such as the Lake District.
  • In a plea bargin, Rahman pleaded guilty to a charge of possessing articles for the purpose of terrorism, dissemination of terrorist propaganda aiding and abetting another man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, to break a control order.
  • In sentencing Rahman, the judge thanked SRi Forensics for the important part they played in the case....

“There are a number of individuals and organisations to whom I would like to pay tribute and express the thanks of the court and I think it right to do so in the presence of the defendant...... I would like to commend and thank those who were responsible for the presentation of the evidence by electronic means which made clear and concise presentation a reality rather than a dream, and I express the thanks of the court in particular to Mr. Sean Murphy.”



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