As leading experts in the field of facial imagery comparison, SRi Forensics provides a bespoke identification service in cases of serious and volume crime.

Facial image comparison or "Facial Mapping" as it is commonly known, is a technique which assesses information in the form of video/CCTV or photographic imagery and compares images of 'offenders' with suspects.

Our methods are used as a means of providing expert witness evidence to confirm or refute the identity of an individual.

Our expertise in the field of facial image comparison has enabled us to take advantage of the growth in video surveillance material needing to be professionally prepared and analysed for identification purposes and matched it with the growth in awareness of the need to present this evidence to court.

With almost 20 years experience, we are regularly recommended by authorities such as the NPIA.

As we are fully independent and neutral, we are also listed in the register of expert witnessesfor defence.

Past Facial Comparison cases include:

Margaret Hassan - Murdered in Iraq...more

Pablo Ibar - Triple Homicide, Death Row Appeal.... more