New bahid book

2nd volume now available from CRC press

- A supplemental follow-up to the first BAHID book, Forensic Human Identification: An Introduction, is now available for purchase. Advances in Forensic Human Identification, covers advances in the most well-known scientific techniques and discusses new and developing subjects and modalities of human identification.

A collection of contributions from worldwide experts, the book embraces a broad context and looks at several issues beyond physical identification of human remains or offenders. The book examines online, sexual, and biometric identities and discusses problems associated with investigative practice, such as the developing use of the Internet as a distribution and communication medium for criminal activities. It also explores miscarriages of justice that can result from flawed applications or interpretations of forensic evidence. Finally, it looks at the future of forensic science in the United Kingdom in light of financial challenges and the closure of the Forensic Science Service. Where appropriate, case studies illustrate the use of techniques and the associated problems described in the text. A supplemental CD includes images in full color.

The chapter entitled Forensic Facial Comparison: Issues and Misconceptions was contributed by Ray Evans, Managing Director of SRi Forensics Ltd. For comment or discussion on facial comparison, please feel free to contact Ray

Copies of the book can be purchased here